In early 2016, founder Katie Martello was living in a windowless NYC basement apartment, dreaming of SoCal sunshine and a carefree beach life. She was deep in research on sustainability in fashion, having experienced the industry's waste and toxicity firsthand, when Breakfast Swim popped into her head (much like an impossible ray of sunlight in that tiny apartment). With its fun, funky vibe and SoCal un-fussiness, our brand's birth was the antidote to a long, cold winter, and the beginning of an incredibly rewarding journey.

Three years later, Breakfast Swim is now headquartered in beautiful Encinitas, California (no more basement apartments, thanks) and we are so excited to finally share our first collection with you. We hope it makes you smile and flaunt that booty - our mama Earth thanks you for choosing to purchase sustainably.


Katie Martello | Founder | Breakfast Swim