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 At our core, Breakfast Swim is founded on ethical and sustainable values. That means we're looking at each area of our business, from production to our customer’s doorstep, and try our best to improve on some traditionally nasty practices in the garment industry that harm our Mother Earth. While we're of course still  a work in progress, a promise we're making to our customers is that we won't stop improving until sustainable fashion is simply called fashion.


We love the beach, the ocean, and the people living on this amazing planet, and we’d like to help those things survive us.



Our Factory


Breakfast Swim Factory

Our manufacturing partner is located in Bali, and are as active in improving the garment industry as we are. They’ve worked with us to source sustainable fabrics, are actively working to improve their waste output locally, and donate continuously to environmental education programs. We also love that they're active in local beach cleanups and clean beach initiatives - it's the little things like this that can make a huge difference.


Another important note is that their garment workers are actually taken care of. They are paid up to three times the living wage (plus profit sharing and annual bonuses), and all have access to health insurance. This was critical to us when finding a factory partner: human rights are a huge part of sustainability, intertwining in critical ways to ensure both people and planet have a better future.



Our Fabric 


Every single swimsuit we produce at the moment is made from Econyl fibers - aka recycled nylon, aka SOMETHING VERY COOL.

Breakfast Swim | Econyl | Fabric

Here's the process. Discarded fishing nets are recovered by diving teams from the ocean floor, and then broken down and re-spun at Econyl’s closed-loop facility into useable fibers (closed-loop means there is zero waste - everything is regenerated, including the energy used in production. Didn't we say cool?)


These fibers are then woven into the smooth, luxurious fabric we use for every Breakfast Swim suit. Major heart eyes for how incredibly sustainable the entire process is... cleaning the oceans, then recycling that waste into something we can actually use?? And it doesn't hurt that the fabric feels like actual butter against your skin.


Consider us obsessed.



Our Packaging

We are so excited to partner with Better Packaging Co. for our shipping needs. Packaging is an enormous part of consumer-facing waste in eCommerce, so it was important to us to start off on the right foot with ours.

 Breakfast Swim | Better Packaging Co. | Compostable Mailers

Enter, Better Packaging Co. After working in eCommerce for years, they saw firsthand the incredible waste the industry produces - and more importantly, an opportunity for improvement. Their mission is to find the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions, so they consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product, from raw material sourcing right through to end-of-life disposal.

For this season, we've partnered with them to ship using their "Real Dirt Bags" - a line of poly mailers made from plants that can literally be composted in your backyard. Yes. No need to drive hours to find the nearest industrial composting facility. These mailers can also be reused to ship other things if you'd like to extend the lifecycle even further... just be careful not to open too excitedly when you get your bikinis in the mail.


We have a feeling we'll be doing more with Better Packaging Co. down the road - feel free to read more about them here!



Our Future


We know we’re not perfect. There's still the issue that shipping product halfway across the world creates an enormous carbon footprint... but we're torn, because doing this also allows us to support female workers in developing communities with safe, ethical work.


That plasticky hygiene sticker we slap onto our bottoms? Not the most earth-friendly... but arguably necessary from a health perspective.


And don’t get us started on polybags: there is nothing grosser than a plastic bag, and we cringe sending them to you this way. But, they keep your suits in pristine condition until you decide you want to keep them forever.


The point is: we’re not promising to be perfect, but we are promising to be committed. We'll do as much as we can now, and solve these problems (and more) as soon as we're able.


That's a promise we're excited to keep.



Katie Martello

Founder, Breakfast Swim

Breakfast Swim | Our Future