Love Your Mother


One of the few things we get serious about is sustainability. At its core, Breakfast Swim is founded on ethical and sustainable values. That means we look at each aspect of the garment industry, from production to our customer’s doorstep, and do our best to improve on some traditionally nasty practices.

We love the beach, the water, and the people on this amazing planet - we’d like to contribute to helping those things survive us.




Our manufacturing partner is located in Bali, and are as active in improving the garment industry as we are. They’ve worked with us to source sustainable fabrics, are actively working to improve their waste output, and their garment workers are paid 3x the living wage. As a female-founded company, this last one was especially important to us: the majority of fashion workers are women,

heavily involved in beach cleanups, and are actively working to improve their own waste output.




HEY, HI, HELLO Econyl. This stuff is incredibly, incredibly cool. Discarded fishing nets are recovered by diving teams from the ocean floor, and then reprocessed at Econyl’s closed-loop facility into useable fibers. These fibers are then woven into the buttery-smooth, luxurious fabric we use for every Breakfast Swim suit.




We know we’re not perfect. There's the dilemma that shipping product halfway across the world creates a huge carbon impact... but doing this allows us to support female workers in developing communities with safe, ethical work. That hygiene sticker we slap onto our bottoms? Not the most earth-friendly... but pretty necessary from a health perspective. And don’t get us started on polybags: there is nothing grosser than a plastic polybag. But, they keep your suits in good condition until they get to you.


The point is: we’re not promising to be perfect, but we are promising to be committed.